Complaint Against a Service Yi-Fun Hsueh

Mercari / Purchase of goods, transaction ID m97993213209

Mercari supports scams by dishonest sellers. I come across scammers more frequently on Mercari than on eBay or Poshmark. I have deleted my Mercari account and will not shop here anymore. This is the second time I have encountered a dishonest seller on Mercari. The first time, I immediately saw the damage in the item that had been listed as “like new, ” and I initiated a return before rating the seller. Mercari rightly approved the return. This time, I rated the seller before I saw the damage that was so hidden, even the seller claimed she had not seen the damage. The dress was listed as “like new, ” but the stitches on the inside of the sleeves were damaged, with broken and loose threads. Far from “like new.” The seller (Krystal Kelderhouse aka CrystalDawn — avoid this seller) claimed she had not seen the damage, yet she thought it fair to leave me with a damaged dress while she kept her $22 profit. Based on my having mistakenly rated the seller and thus finalized the sale according to Mercari rules, Mercari decided that they and the seller would each pocket their petty profits from this dishonest sale. They say they make exceptions on a case-by-case basis, but they would not do the right thing in this case. Was it fair to expect the buyer to have noticed damage that was so hidden that the seller herself claimed she had not seen it either? The sellers on eBay and Poshmark are more honest because eBay and Poshmark actually have buyer-protection policies that work. I will shop with eBay and Poshmark and tell everyone I know about my poor experience with Mercari. Buyer beware!