Complaint Against a Service United States

Cedar Creek Fences

The owner of Cedar Creek Fences is a fraud. Apparently he is not in the business of building fences, or building anything else that you think you are paying for. He is in the business of ripping people off. And his sidekick, Pablo, does his dirty work for him. They tried to tear down my back fence without authorization and committed theft by removing my private property (which will cost me hundreds of dollars to replace). None of the work was done correctly.

He cheated me out of $4,000 after promising that he would pay me back, and now I have to sue him to get my money back. He made false accusations against me and lied to the police when I filed a report. After stealing my property, his workers abandoned the job and left 300 pound fence poles stuck in concrete laying all over my yard.

I had serious reservations about hiring him – and almost didn’t – because of his sleazy salesman mannerisms – but unfortunately, I got sucked in. I wish to God I hadn’t and now I am warning others to stay away.

Country United States
State Texas
City McKinney
Address 4100 W Eldorado Pkwy
Phone 214-218-2800