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Chicken Express — Customer service |

While I was getting my order taken at chicken Express the guy taking my order asked what I wanted to replace my gravy with and I told him ranch. He said that he couldn’t replace It with ranch and would charge extra for more ranch. Gravy and ranch are both condiments and he should have replaced the gravy with ranch because my order was supposed to come with gravy in the first place and I shouldn’t have had to pay for an extra ranch. When I wanted to pay with exact change the same guy gave me back my change and broke one of my dollars because he said that he did not feel like counting the change. That was frustrating because I gave him change with the intentions of not breaking my dollar and helping with the change shortage our country has. He should have taken my change instead of being lazy and breaking my dollar.

Customer Service

100 SE 25th Ave
Mineral Wells, Texas
United States – 76067