Complaint Against a Service United States

Child support enforcement — wrongful judgements and financial reporting

preliminary details:
I have been paying child support for 13 years.
Since May 2013 I moved from the USA back to Canada.
-Both my children were getting into some real trouble, one of them is currently still in Federal court proceeding due to drug related charges.
-My youngest is now 18 mid August and my oldest is 21; both out of school. My support agreement indicates support is paid until their 18th birthday or until finished school.
-Since my move back my youngest whom moved out of her mom’s house at age 16 is no longer with an abusive boyfriend and we have a restraining order in place; she now lives with me at my parents ~90% and her mom’s ~10%. My oldest is still very troubled but I am working on that scenario and am doing the best I can to try help her.

Child enforcement Florida has it down that I am now behind by $2, 800.00; Canada has it listed at $24, 000.00.
There is no 239 number in Florida to call long distance, only a 1-800 number which does not work outside of the USA. Communicating with USA from Canada is impossible without a callback (verified by child support services Florida). When they did call back they were rude and didn’t want to listen to reason or logic regarding the past due. They simply stated that they will update their records with Canada’s since Canada was the money tracker; which is as indicated completely wrong.
The CSE was put into place by my ex many years ago via court ordered and to have it removed will take one of two options”
1. Opt out by my ex. This relinquishes my responsibility but also removes her ability to collect the undispersed funds which are significant.
2. Go to court with my own layer and have it stopped which results in close to the same.

When Florida called me back this time they said Canada keeps track of all my payments when clearly, as proven in court, I was not guilty as charged even though I was guilty till proven innocent and had to pay a $80.00 fee on top a lawyer fee to even get it back!

Additional notes:
-I previously had my license suspended due to the Canadian CSE reporting incorrectly. I had to gain a copy of an up to date transcript of all payments since the start of CSE and when I went to court. In court my lawyer spoke with the prosecuting attorney and when it came time to go in front of the judge all charges were dropped since I was indeed not behind in the amount which Canada is suggesting.
-I have paid bi-weekly and has come directly out of my check via employee deductions the majority of the time CSE has been in place. My ex has only received between only 1/3 to 1/2 of the monthly payment I am garnished. This number also varies in the amount for unknown reasons; my payment is always the same.
-Both her and I have tried to speak with Florida and Canada (Winnipeg) CSE and even having the chance to speak with them is hard to accomplish; having something actually done when actions are needed has been impossible.