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We ordered two new phones from Consumer Cellular on their extended pay program. One was an iPhone XR and the other was a previously returned iPhone 11 Pro. We activated the XR and I was setting it up for my husband and showed him how it worked; we both decided it was too complex and we would stick with our iPhone 6’s. I cleared his out and reset it according to CC instructions so it was clean. I called for return labels, they emailed me two labels. I had to call again for instructions on the iPhone 11 Pro as CC had, with MY ASKING, activated the phone. I was transferred numerous times, cut off several times and in total spent about 4 hours on the phone trying to get this mess straightened out, asking why they activated my phone without my asking for that to be done. Again I was transferred/cut off about 3-4 times and finally I was sent to some type of senior tech advisor and he took care of the whole problem in 5-10 minutes and said to go ahead and send the phones back.

I repackaged them in the same boxes they were sent to us in through USPS. I included copies of my order material. I added some extra packing material to the iPhon 11 Pro as there was not much in the original box and it just slid around. I returned them on [protected] and today called to make sure they were received because I keep getting emails telling me that had to be returned by the 18th of October. The CR person checked and found they were returned and their “Return Department” found scratches in the screen on both phones; they said they took pictures of them. I asked for the ‘pictures’ to be sent to me as email attachments and was told she did not have authority to do that; she checked with some ‘higher up’ person who stated that the pictures were the property of CC and they could not be sent. They stated they were returning the phones and I could see what the scratches were at that time.

When we returned the two phones in separate boxes to CC there were no scratches anywhere on the phones front or back. I suppose they could have been damaged in shipping although I highly doubt that. My suspicion is that this is a scam to get people to pay for something that was legitimately returned because I have no way of proving who or what causes anything to happen to these phones once I placed them in the hands of the UPS agent to be returned via the USPS labels that had been provided by CC.

They are returning the phones to me, which I don’t want; they said I would have to pay for them, which I will not; if I continually deduct that amount from my bills, they would cut off my account. I am going to contact our attorney with the full information and have him handle it; we are senior citizens with health issues, we have a diabetic pet that we are dealing with and I can’t handle one more ‘issue’. This claim by Consumer Cellular is bogus and nothing more than a method to extract money from unsuspecting seniors. I, nor my husband, did not put a scratch of any type on either phone, period.


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