Complaint Against A Cheater United States

Cook County Clerk

I worked as an election judge/ballot counter for the general election here in suburban Cook

county October 7, 2020 thru October 14, 2020. 5410 W. 34th street Cicero Illinois 60804. Under supervisors Christine, Twana, and Joanna. Cook county clerk Karen Yarbrough has personally passed out checks to employees who worked this assignment, and I have yet to receive my pay from a month ago.

Lets be thorough and specific so there are no excuses. First of all I begin calling and leaving voice messages and phone contact with human resources 2 weeks ago : Samara Jamison 312-603-0916, Elonda Mcdonald 312-603-0915, Jackie Milendez 708-656-3600, ext. 201, 272, 227. Karen Yarbrough the website I even reached out to Karen Yarbrough’s social media page face book and instagram.

Before I go hard and make noise I make sure it is what it is. Their attitude and abrasiveness is totally unacceptable. No one has reached out to me or responded to any of my calls. Judges were picked and assigned according to a particular party. In other words…if there were 25 judges there would have to be 12 republicans and 13 democrats …or vice versa……I set in as a republican judge counting ballots. Before accepting this assignment I got a call from a lady by the name of Laura from Suburban cook county elections.

She questioned my credentials as to if I am just sitting in as a republican but actually voting for democrat. WHAT??? Are you asking me whom I am voting for? She stated no…I then asked …what are you asking me…I am down for republican so what difference does it make. I am a citizen of the United States of America…I am entitled to vote for whomever I please. Of the people, for the people, by the people. I believe in a democracy and the majority vote will choose our president.

I don’t get mad, upset, etc. because of who others vote for. Outlandish and reprehensible. Contradicting a system that people fought hard to overcome. Now the same people are doing the very same illegals that we were subject to many years ago. With this covid 19 and the many hardships we all are facing how could anyone subject me to being delinquent with my bills and subsistent living. How can anyone call Donald Trump callous when they are doing the same thing they are accusing him of? For the record…I am a democrat but I vote for whom I believe the best candidate is in any office.

I don’t vote because you are black, I don’t vote because you are a woman, I don’t vote for you because you are gay, etc. I vote for a person because of the policies he or she stands for, and the policies I believe in. Being a patriot of this great country I respect with totality the monument before us. President Biden is the President of the United States of America. Just like, Bush, Reagan, etc. I stood behind them because I am an American whether I voted for them or not. Because of this episode I am enduring with the Cook county Clerks office Karen Yarbrough I will make some noise.

You see….You are held accountable and you are responsible for the people who work for you. You have a sworn obligation to uphold the law and do things with integrity and not sentiment. When you drop the ball you subject yourself to lawsuits and everything else. Low and behold God forbid “Donald Trump” gets wind of the shady dealings going on here. Thank you for reading …have a great day!!!

Country United States
State Illinois
City Chicago
Address 50 W. Washington St. East Concourse Level – 25
Phone (312) 603-7790