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Hi sir,

I am facing an issue with my suspension of account. i am using this app just to travel the world and help people. I got a notification that I have created a duplicate account. I would like to say that I have been using only one account and all my references are in this account. I really need your help to activate my account.I am using Couchsurfing app since few years and I have really liked this app. Few months back my account got suspended saying that I have created duplicate account which I never had. I tried my best to explain that I have never created duplicate account and my all references are in my only account. Later when I saw no help from couchsurfing then I created another account but that also got suspended. You can check my references I am using this app only for travelling purpose. I am approaching you to help me activate my account because my desire is to travel whole world and till now I have visited only 12 countries. I hope you can understand my concern and help me out.
I just want to use one account and use this app to travel the world. If required I am ready to take the membership of Couchsurfing.
Please help me.

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