Complaint Against a Service United States

CoverHound, Inc.

When I called they had no records of me ever being a customer, but still wanted me to pay for the policy! Their customer service was incredibly rude Edward Y from Golden, CO tried to extort me for the balance in order to clear my credit score. They could not even find my name in their system. I strongly recommend against ever giving this company any of your information. They are crooks clearly trying to scam people. They reduced the amount and we’re willing to take a fraction of the money they said I owed, until I pressed them further and then they acknowledged it must have been a mistake on their end.

I never once received a confirmation of policy purchase via email, mail or anything else. The address they had for me was one I had never even been too. I am confident they do this often to people and most are willing to pay to save their credit score. I eventually got this cleared up and paid them no money. Especially since I had insurance coverage with another carrier the entire time.

Country United States
State California
City San Francisco
Address 1 California St. Suite #1100
Phone (866) 278-7881