Complaint Against a Service United States


The fact this web site is only advertised on porn sites should tell you all you need to know. They proudly advise the are a sex site , not a dating site.

After signing up, your inbox will be inundated daily with women who supposedly want to have sex with you, no strings attached. The catch, you have to buy ‘credits’ to communicate with these ‘ladies’. It is not cheap. $14.99 for 15 credits and each message you send will cost you $1.50 !!

The profiles on the site are all completely fake. I deliberately left my own profile blank yet still receive daily messages advising this lady or that, “really likes my profile and wants to meet up” .

It is a pure money making scam. You will send messages to which you will get a response but definitely not from the lady in the profile picture. I strongly suspect they use chat bots.

Please do not give these people money. You will receive nothing in return !

Country Netherlands
City AW utrecht
Address Savannahweg 17 3542
Phone 740 34 782