Complaint Against A Cheater United States

CS Sterling Design & Construction LLC

We were interested in purchasing a vacant land for the build of our custom home. As the land belonged to CS Sterling Design & Construction, we were obligated to hire the company for the build. Stuart Salvigsen initially presented himself as a trustworthy and knowledgeable professional with many years of experience in the construction business. He seemed honest. We trusted him and hired him. Once the process started, we quickly realized that the company was a one-man show who hires multiple sub-contractors to complete the many steps required in home building.

He makes a monetary margin by inflating the prices he obtains from all these sub-contractors prior to presenting it to the consumer but doesn’t actually complete any of the work under CS Sterling Design & Construction. In order to maximize his profit, he hires the bottom of the bottom workers which we would have never hired if we knew who was actually completing the work. He is barely present on the job site and therefore doesn’t supervise any of the work getting done. Needless to say that after a year of owning our home, we are still dealing with several issues throughout the house.

Some of them are unfortunately structural. We have multiple leak incidents. The items that were supposed to be completed during construction are still outstanding although CS Sterling Design & Construction was paid in full. Working with this company has been the most stressful experience of our lives. It is nothing but emotional and mental abuse. We are still fighting to get issues fixed and outstanding work completed after a year. We would not recommend this company to anyone. I wish someone would have written a review online to alert others prior to us entering in contract which is why we are doing so today. Beware.

Country United States
State New Jersey
City Sparta
Address 45 Sterling Hill Rd
Phone 201 400 2192