Cheaters Complaint Against A Cheater


after a home invasion the cmha police did little to nothing for 4 days as my car was stolen and had gps tracking in it they still couldnt get it i finally did my own police work tracked the car to a gas station contacted the manager of the store and had him check his cameras and sure enough he had the perpetrator on video it still took cmha 4 days to go out to look at the video. I gave up and called the cleve police and they found the car in a few hours the cmha police called trying to claim responsibility for finding the car but they did nothing but impound my car for a week as “evidence” noone is ever their till after noon 2-3 o clock and they leave at 5 or 6…everyone i spoke with interacted with was rude unprofessional and talked to me like a child. its been 10 days now and still no response from the cmha police except rude calls to me . i tried to follow the chain of command to complain and each level did was cover the other levels asses their is no recourse if you have a valid complaint with them they follow that thin blue line and blindly defend even their worst incompetent officers and detectives im disgusted.

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