Complaint Against a Service United States

Dallas College Richland Campus

Derrick Logozzo and Melissa Logan are the Music Advisors for Dallas College Richland Campus. They refuse to follow the college’s published degree plans / Guided Pathways. They openly flout the administration and DCCCD board that mandate that the advisors adhere to these degree plans and Guided Pathways. An Associate’s Degree from a two-year college such as this is only 60 credit hours. A maximum of 66 will transfer, but all attempted hours count toward financial aid and in-state tuition limits.

At 150 credit hours (a degree plus 30 hours) students will not longer be eligible for in-state tuition. For the excess hours above 150 the students will be charged out of state tuition (which financial aid does not cover.) Regardless of whether financial aid was applied for or awarded, every hour counts toward the limit of 180 credit hours (150% of a degree that is 120 credit hours.)

These predatory advsiors try to make every student into a music major or drown them in music credits that apply to nothing and will not transfer. Students will end up with ridiculous numbers of hours (100-161.) Many students are way over hours and never get their Associate’s Degree (60 credit hours) as Derrick Logozzo and Melissa Logan are not putting students into the core classes that they must have and that would apply all degrees.

Country United States
State Texas
City Dallas
Address 12800 Abrams Rd
Phone 1 972-238-6100