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Hi, I have contacted CS agent many times they are useless and don’t know what they are doing same with the safety team, my account is under restriction I am unable to receive any messages in my inbox on my DHgate account all stopped since 25th September. I have spent many hours with CS agent trying to find out what’s the issue. then I was told to contact safety them to remove restriction on my account because all messages are hidden on my account but CS agent can see the messages on his side but its not showing on my side. I have emailed many times to Safety team but they keep asking what’s my order number when I have told them I the restriction removed from my account but they say no restriction on my account.

I have attached screenshot of the email from CS saying my account is under restrictions and just contact safety team to remove it. I have sent this screenshot to safety team as well just what the reply was ? YES they asking me what’s my order number AGAIN. They don’t read the email just keep asking the same question.

I am tired contacting CS agent explaining the issue when I have asked them for report number a few times already but they don’t see the issue just keeps talking about my order so wasting my time explaining again.

Then telling me I just have to wait … I have waited 2 weeks still no fix you take my money so quick but when it comes to my account issue you don’t bother trying to fix and leave it with such power customer service no wonder so much bad reviews about DHgate.

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