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I have owned at Powhatan Plantation for 16 years with a Red Week 25 4 bedroom lockoff. I have always deposited into RCI. RCI takes each lockoff independently. There is no other option. We have loved every minute and stay with our resort and through RCI. Perfectly happy customer for 16 years. This year we accepted the option to deposit in to the Diamond Resort exchange. I understood that I could get 1 week or 2 weeks for my lockoff. As per the norm I took 2 weeks, Who wouldn’t. What I didn’t understand was that I was getting to tier 2s for my 4 bedroom. If I didn’t split them I could have only had 1 week stay in a tier 4. I also didn’t understand that tier 2 levels can’t be combined back together to make a tier 4.

I didnt know I was locking myself into a 2 weeks of tier 2, with no other option. With RCI I get 23 points per lock off. Most reservations for a 2 bedroom are 12 points. I literally get 4 weeks of 2 bedroom vacations through RCI for my timeshare. With a tier 2, my family of 5 can reserve 1 studio. I have called and was told the split exchange CAN NOT be combined back together. I was told a Supervisor investigated by pulling my call. Because I agreed to split them (who wouldnt want 2 weeks instead of 1 if you didnt understand), and because with RCI I have always split the time (not splitting isnt an option with RCI), I am stuck with 2 tiers 2s and there is nothing anyone can or will do about it. I cant believe that RCI is even part of the decision as it is a different system, process, and program. What I did at one has nothing to do with the other.

If my family and I want to vacation together, we must stay separate in 2 different studios, or I have to pay $500 on top of the other fees and my $1452 maintenance fee to get a 2 bedroom and I would still have a tier 2 that I have to use. I spoke with 4 different agents, 1 supervisor pulled my call and decided without ever calling me to discuss it, I spoke with Mason Kishimoto at cooperate who was stone cold and didn’t care about me as a long-time customer or me as a first time user of the exchange program. There is no room for mistakes and no way to rectify misunderstandings. Mason and the Supervisor refused to consider merging them. They refused to consider having me pay more to merge them back so that we can stay together. They refused to help me and my use our 16 year timeshare effectively. They were not interested in me as a customer or me and my 16 year loyalty. And they did not care if they lost me back to RCI for my exchanges instead of using my Owner Program Diamond Resort exchange. When Stephen Cloobeck was on Undercover Boos, he stated how important customers were to him. He sold the company and new ownership does not care about me, my family or you. Its policy and the mighty dollar. No more and no less.

I will never use the exchange again and do not recommend anyone else do it either. The dollar is far more important to Diamond Resorts than the customer is. I will give away my Diamond Resort timeshare to anyone that wants it. I will never recommend Diamond Resort exchange and 100R% will never use it again as long as I have timeshare, which I hope and pray is short. I won’t lie, after my 30 years of service in the Army, sometimes I can’t believe it is this I fought for and gave so much up for. They don’t care about anything or anyone.

Sincerely Barton Jeffs
Disgruntled owner and dissatisfied customer after 16 years

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