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Dollarama — No exchange or return policy |

On Oct. 15th, I purchased 2 packages of “C” Batteries and 2 packages of “DD” batteries. When I was picking them up off the counter I realized that I mistakenly picked up 3 “C”‘s and 1 “DD” package.
I thought I could put the pack of “C”‘s back and just get another “DD”.
According to the cashier “there are no exchanges or returns”.
I get the policy and if I left the store. I was just picking them up to leave the store.
Can’t customers make a mistakes?? Maybe they were on the wrong hooks when I picked them up?? Is there never a “one off”??
I wasn’t bringing back food OR I hadn’t even left the store!!!
Very poor customer service.
I would love to hear the logic of this.

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