Complaint Against A Cheater United States

Doyal Construction Group, LLC.

Jay Doyal was to come out and fix and repair my deck that needed a stronger base and to be leveled out. It was a Trex deck that was no more than 2 years old. He and his partner came out to look at my deck and suggested additional foundation to help secure the base. Once he looked at the deck, he stated that the deck had the wrong screws in the deck. After suggesting an additional $750 dollars worth of screws, his partner drilled over a thousand new holes causing a mushrooming of the deck boards. His suggestion was incorrect as the screws were the correct ones in the first place.

His suggestion was to further make (drill) bigger holes and put caps on top of the wrong screw hole. Once I told him that he needed to replace the deck, he stated that my deck was ruined anyway and left me with a deck that will scrape your feet if you walk on it without shoes. He thought paying me back the initial $1700 dollars that he charged me would make it better, instead got into an argument with me and no longer communicated with me. I am now going to go after his bond and go to court to get reimbursed.

Country United States
State Washington
City Puyallup
Address 2649 16th Ave. Crt. SE
Phone (253)343-2333