Complaint Against A Cheater

Drones Force

This company stated for $20,000 they would assist their licensee’s to start a Drone Piloting Business. They would assist with web development, marketing, location of jobs, training, edit photo and video footage, have software that does special reports for video and photo imaging, billing and remittance. This service would continue for an additional 20% of the business’ billed revenue during the course of the License.

This company was very credible and provided banking, business, and licensee references that were verified by many and most of which were credible. They did provide some of the promised training and a drone worth approximately $3500-4000 to most of the 30 licensee’s we have found so far. The names of the persons from Drones Force (possibly fake) are Alex Larson aka Alex Roudinski, Liam Nielson, Sean Atkins, Sereno Nino, Doug Allen, and Jennifer Adams.

If you have been ripped off by this company there is a FaceBook group dedicated to bringing us together to help each other and to possibly bring actions against the perpertrators of this scheme.

Country Canada
City Calgary, Alberta
Address 3227 56 Avenue SE
Phone 800-586-0146