Complaint Against a Service United States


I worked for ds-max for over a year, and the whole time I thought I would get promoted, and not only did I not get promoted, but I lost a lot of money. The whole time I worked there I kept paying new people, and by the time I realized that my dreams that were promised to me were not going to happen, I was over $3,000 dollars in debt. Then there was nothing that they would do for me, except tell me to work more, which I was already working 12 hrs a day. I paid for my own gas to and from the field, my own meals, my own travel expenses, and every thing else related to the business. This is not a good company, and in the year and a couple months I was there, I saw like 2 people make it, and well over 100 or more fail, and their dreams of “financial independence” that is preached so heavily destroyed.

Country United States
State California
City Foothill Ranch
Address 19511 Pauling
Phone (949) 707-2770