Complaint Against A Cheater United States

East Alabama Gastroenterology Medical Services

Traci was the one who was the problem in Dr.Meka’s office. As usual, it’s the office staff who causes us issues. But we the patients get the blame for it. Traci had been harassing us for quite some time being rude & hateful toward us. But it’s by law they can’t treat us like this. She hung up on me when I was trying to tell her regarding my Dibetic test trips & she couldn’t seem to understand them.

She rudely hung the phone up on me. She would always harass me about my medicine. But I was WHITE of course. This black patient from Dr.Meka’s office in Vally Al office came to the Auburn office about his pain medication. Dr.Meka took me off mine & said he wasn’t in my system. So he laughed along with the nurse right in front of my face.

This man stormed out of the office. But this one office girl. She was black off course ran out after him giving him some pain medication. But made me suffer as a patient. We had to leave due to Traci rudeness & unfriendlyness.

We notice that the white employees get gone. It’s because she harasses them to leave as she harassed me to leave. She gets mad like patients aren’t suppose to ask why they are waiting so long. Then she called me in moving her finger back at me besides calling my name like she did all the other patients.

Then I had a appoitment with Dr.Meka the father because he had retired but was still seeing patients with other matters. I was sick so this new office girl who is really rude cancelled it completely & didn’t reschedule it.

Then Traci lied again saying she never called my medicine in to any pharmacy. Why does she have to lie so? She hates white people! But by law they aren’t suppose to abuse patients like this!

Country United States
State Alabama
City Auburn
Address 1518 Professional Pkwy Suite A
Phone 1 334-321-0060