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eHarmony — 6 month premium light subscription | eHarmony

After intially registering on the eharmony website with my email and password, I was presented with a personality assement to form as part of setting up my profile as a basic member to begin with, shortly after I received a confirmation email. A few days later I began looking into paying for a premuim membership so I could access more features and see what it was like. I decided on the 6 month premuim light plan charged at £12.99 per month. I then realised I had selected a one time only payment to the full amount of £77 and this was a mistake as I wanted to pay monthly installments instead. When first logging on, I realised the matches they were showing me were all women and I am indeed a women looking for a man to match with. Later that evening, I decided that I had changed my mind and wanted to cancel my membership and get a full refund, after having read in the terms that you can cancel within the 14 day ‘cooling off period’. It seems they have charged me for cancelling within the 14 days of membership starting and witholding money for the personality report of £65. I sent an email to eharmony customer services I recieved an email response the next day and was told me that they could only offer me a ‘value compensation’ as they had offered the personality report at a rate of £65 instead of £103, was was not made clear at the start of registration. They offered to only reimburse me for the amount of £19.90 to my bank account within 7 days, which I am dissatisfied with as I do not feel this is fair, seeing as I haven’t been able to use or review my matches. I also feel that it’s not fair to withhold money for the personality report as this was offered and completed before I even selected a payment plan. I have not had any luck with contacting them directly by email and feel it is alot of money to lose for something I am not going to use and I am very unhappy with the service and experience so far. I hope you can look into this for me and help me to resolve this issue and get a fair refund.

Many thanks

Tara Rose