Complaint Against A Cheater United States

Elite Lawn Pros

My husband worked there and this owner is extremely unprofessional! He made my husband work over 8 hours, most of the time with no break and refused to compensate for overtime.

On payday Friday, my husband would have to beg over text to get paid, and a lot of times the owner wouldn’t respond, use the excuse he’s out at the bar, and then pay extremely late! How can anyone feed their family or plan a budget when the owner pays what he wants, when he wants.

Not to mention, if he thought my husband didn’t work long or hard enough, he would cut his pay for the day. What sense does that make? Won’t compensate for overtime, but will cut pay if they didn’t work late enough or finished their route early?

Then, he had a grudge or something because instead of firing my husband TWICE, he played nice and asked him to come extremely early for work, ON A HOLIDAY MIND YOU, and then he completely ghosted him, only to send rude texts to him when he finally responded, after hours of waiting to be picked up. You can’t be a bad boss and expect your business to succeed.

My husband’s father is terminally ill, and we told him that and he he showed no emotion or care and instead screwed him over several times.

My husband didn’t want me to write this, and even after everything this guy did to screw him, he’d still help out, but others should know and beware if they’re trying to apply for work here. My husband used to look up to this guy, but he proved how heartless he is several times.

My husband works extremely hard and helped Marianno every chance he could, but he continued to be rude and cold. He’s messed with my family and our budget enough! It’s time the people know how he really is!

Country United States
State Arkansas
City Cabot
Address 200 E Main St #972
Phone 1 501-231-6313