Complaint Against A Cheater Philippines

Elite Pacific Realty Ltd., Co.

If you are looking at Elite Pacific Realty Ltd their office space looks legit in La Azotea Building at Session Rd. but if you are being entertained by their representatives. They are professional at first but if you question a lot of things they become irritated and their gay president shows emotions that are true to the core that he is not amused to me. Going to their CEO he cannot even answer the basic questions in construction and real estate, I don’t know how he manages his people.

I investigated and their real estate firm doesn’t have a real estate broker which is comparable to a hospital that has no doctor. As of this posting, I also saw they don’t have PCAB licensed to construct. So it is double trouble.

They also told me that they do undervalue the property for BIR purposes because it is in the culture and I blatantly refuse. As a practitioner of Buddhism, I don’t want to deceive the government. It might show that I am a being too much but if this real estate company does not have proper permits, professional people, and doing allegedly scrupulous things on BIR like tax evasion. Then I am afraid to invest in this company my hard-earned money.

I won’t recommend this company. Just RUN they are not an Elite company they should call themselves Delite…

Country Philippines
City Baguio City
Address 401-D La Azotea Building, Session Road
Phone 63 74 248 2006