Complaint Against a Service United States

Enterprise Collie’s of Distinction

I purchased a puppy on 6/21/2020 from this breeder in good faith based upon the information she provided in her advertisement. I paid $1,250.00 for this pup.

Her advertisement said:

“What’s included: Registered/registerable, Current vaccinations, Veterinarian examination, Health certificate, Health guarantee, Pedigree

Additional information: AKC Registered male, tri-color, normal eyed by parentage”

What I received was a pup with no vaccinations, no Veterinary examination (she had never taken the pup to a vet and no Health Certificate. The pup was AKC registered and I did receive his papers. He was not however, “normal eyed by parentage”. After getting the pup vet checked by vet recommended I have him tested for Collie Eye Anomaly or CEA. His test came back “At-Risk/Affected”.

Her advertisements are completely false and misleading and she refuses to modify them. I have tried to post reviews on the site where she sells the pups but she keeps having the company delete them.

Buyer beware of this Breeder.

Country United States
State Pennsylvania
City Pittsburg
Address 212 Center Street East
Phone 412-344-2999