Complaint Against a Service United States

Eric Dziurkowski

I met Eric a few years ago, he lived in my building but had since moved. I asked him to paint my kitchen cabinets. He quoted me $400 max. He painted them with a brush. When he was done I pointed out the many flaws in his work. He said I should have asked them to be sprayed and I told him that I didn’t know how to do this and that I thought he did. Why would I know to ask you and why didn’t he bring it up? Before he was done he said “You know this is gonna be more than $400, right?” I checked our texts and confirmed that he said $400 max.

He said he shouldn’t have said that and that it would be around $500. I said that was fine but i was annoyed. When he was done he said it would be $580. After I told him I wasn’t happy with the job he did he said he would fix it. He said he would take the cabinets and spray them/ do it properly. I asked him if he was absolutely sure he could do the job the way I wanted it done and he assured me. He said it would $450 more because spraying them took longer. I said sure. He picked up the cabinets a week ago and today I get this text “The wind damaged the structure where I was painting the cabinet doors. So there are white specs and some scratches on them.

I have spent a week on this and applied 5 coats. My structure is compromised and the weather is not getting any better otherwise I would redo it. I’m bringing them back to install .

I can’t spend anymore time or money on this project. It is just a losing battle” Then he comes over without any consideration as to whether I was available. He came and dropped off all of the cabinets with flaws and scratches and just leaves them on the ground in front of my apartment. He didn’t install them.

Country United States
State California
City Glendale
Phone 213 448 9199