Complaint Against a Service United States

Events and Adventures

This company’s Chicago office ignores all COVID safety protocols. I was assured their events were COVID safe, but at their icebreaker event at their downtown office on January 8, 2021, Michelle Doellman, an event manager, took off her mask to speak, which prompted everyone but me to take off their masks.

– People arrived wearing their masks incorrectly and were not told to put them on the right way

– Michelle Doellman stopped taking people’s temperatures.

– People were not sitting spaced out, and I don’t think there was enough room to accommodate this.

– People arrived without masks or took them off once they were inside.

– Doellman gave a speech about members being respectful and “not as*holes” all while not wearing a mask and not telling anyone else to put one on or spacing anyone out. She sat someone wearing a mask incorrectly right next to me and then he took the mask off.

I walked off and informed the Phoenix, Arizona office and the sales manager who signed me up, Pincus Liebowitz. He told me they’d be investigating the matter, but have not gotten back to me at all. I’ve also had someone who answered their phone laugh at my distress. They are likely only giving me a runaround and not doing anything.

The company has a contract that makes it difficult to cancel, and instead of offering any actual resolutions, Liebowitz told me that:

– They need someone like to me to point out violations on their private Facebook page (as if they need someone to do that)

– Told me to attend virtual events.

– Asked if I wanted more time to freeze my account, though they’d still be billing me the entire time.

Events and Adventures claims that they only offer membership to good people and that their events are COVID safe. They state both on their website and the actual entries on their calendar, but they ignored them in person. Michelle Doellman is a manager for Chicago and updates their calendar.

How is any person supposed to be feel safe at an event she has anything to do with? Why would anyone sign up and feel safe if the members are this irresponsible?

I also think they violated the law by having too many people at an indoor event for a corporate function.

Country United States
State Illinois
City Chicago
Address 411 S Wells
Phone (800) 386-0866