Canada Complaint Against A Cheater

Fallow you Marty boy

Ms.Laura C Young is a major ripoff. I paid her a retainer of $10,000.00 to be represented in a domestic violence court case. After seeing her in her office she told me that she would send a letter to the court saying she was representing me and this was never done. When the day court hearing came Ms. Young did not even show up to court. Luckily I explained this situation to the judge and he assigned me a public defender, not so luckilly, public defenders suck and I did not have any more money to get a decent attorney to represent me.

When I tried to contact Ms. Young asked her to return my retainer she kept making excuses and then would ignore my emails, texts and phone calls. This all happened in 2018 and to this date Ms. Young has refused to return my retainer and has blown off every phone call, email, fax, voicemail, etc I’ve made to her office in regards to this matter. I had to move to Montreal because my reputation was ruined because my attorney was not able to defend me properly and I lost the court case.

Country Canada
City Toronto, Ontario
Address 36 Toronto St., Suite 1120
Phone 416.361.0094