Complaint Against a Service United States

Find Truck Service

This company has slowly been building up its clients and as soon as it hit enough traffic it started inserting scam type companies that do not even provide any repairs themselves basically you get a inflated repair or tow bill because the scammer type website is putting multiple listings all over findtruckservice and they use to be named trac interstar but had such a bad reputation now they are called fyx.

They do no repairs and if you call the number they lead you on like they do and its all find truck service doing it. They have multiple listing in each city and make them appear up top to scam truckers out of more money. My boss is highly upset because not only did fyx rip us off the company they sent out did absolutely nothing as well.

Country United States
State Illinois
City Schaumburg
Address 2030 E Algonquin Rd #404
Phone 1 888-586-4788