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I called a local chimney repair company that had an address right down the street from me, Drive Chimney Sweep ( I called the number and at the time I did not know it was going to this scam repair company – – they have a script that they work off to make it sound like your local repair person. They set-up the oppointment for a bout 5 days away and ran through the costs and took a credit card to hold the appointment. The day of there is no confirmation and a random guy shows up for a chimney sweep in a blacked out clunker car.

He comes in, Yohad Zamir and he looks drugged out but very nice. Does his whole song and dance and uses a fake receipt book that looks like it has company information on it. I just moved to this location so I am just establishing new repair personnel. He quotes a very high price $750 for a swep and repairs. I feel obligated to do it and during I really start to feel unssafe and I just want him to leave.

He insists I pay him through venmo. I figured I will call the office and talk to the owner after. But he switched the receipt and there is no info on it. When I go through my records and I call the 818 local number back it is now this – they said we will let the technician know, I say I don’t want the technician I want to talk to the owner and I start asking what is their license number and they just hang up on me.

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