Complaint Against a Service United States

First Community Management

When I first bought a unit in the condo they manage, they filed a parking violation on me (within 2 months of ownership) in that a friend of mine parked in a supposedly contractor spot, and my name, phone number and apartment number was in the windshield of the car and I was told by an employee of the building to do this. I reported this to First Community Management, but they paid it no attention.

In my experience, new owners should be warned once, and fined thereafter, but they don’t think so. In electing new board members, First Community and Board Members count the votes, instead of hiring an outside counter of votes, so I am never really sure of who really is elected to be on the board.

Roley Supernaw is snotty in all answers (especially to new owners), the President of First Community does not reply to new owners (I know, I called him early on, and he never called me or acknowledged my call) and instead of bringing people together, they simply threaten owners with a fine if owners do not plan to follow their direction (which can be done, after a warning, which owners never get). This condo only has 18 floors – If you do not get your assessment bill in the mail, (which happened recently to me) you get to pay by echeck, which is an additional charge of $1.99 to pay a bill that you never got. If you wait to get a bill, you get a late fine.

Elevators in the building are rarely both working at once, and are much too slow to move, open, close. A Conditional Certificate is in the elevator for over a year.

They have an exterminating service coming in 4 days, and gave us notice that we have to remove all things from all cabinets. Not everyone is able to do that, due to age and disabilities, but there is never any kind act or possible solutions that may help people. They are scheduling one of these in three weeks, so I guess we all have to walk around most things for three weeks until the second visit.

If you look through Reviews of First Community Management on the Internet, there are many, many, bad reviews of First Community Management, yet the Board insists on retaining them.

They treat owners as if we are their children, as opposed to owners. In my vast experience in Customer Service, both the Board Members and management company need to go back to school on how to service people and how to make friends of owners and renters so that things are done easier. Every owner I talk to have had bad experiences in dealing with First Community Management and the Board of Directors

Country United States
State Illinois
City Chicago
Address 935 W Chestnut St #201
Phone 1 312-829-8900