Complaint Against a Service USA

Florida Blue — company as a whole /customer service passing buck for doctors who are not in network

Your company is sending out lists of providers who are not really accepting certain plans of coverage and saying they are, THEN telling me it’s the provider’s fault. This is unacceptable. You are passing the buck onto your sick consumers, it’s wrong…You need IN PLACE at very least a department of of employees who are responsible for reviewing in and out of network providers, CONFIRMING week in and week out which providers are INDEED in network and UPDATING your system… otherwise you are simply being neglegent toward your customers…THIS IS NOT A PROVIDER’S RESPONSIBILITY, THIS IS YOURS, REACH OUT TO THE PROVIDERS ON YOUR LIST AND UPDATE IT. IT’S THAT SIMPLE, otherwise you are actually causing your patients much extra stress during a time of illness and need.

Customer service looks at my plan then sends me lists upon lists of providers who turn out NOT to be in my coverage network…it is of NO good for your employees to be doing this if it is not accurate information. It would be MUCH better use of your labor costs to actually do your homework and update your data base! Pay the same people who send me these inaccurate lists to go find out who is really on the plans.

I currently have pneumonia and the struggle to locate follow up doctors in network has been obsurd. The local providers have actually been the ones to FINALLY inform me which doctors are really covered by my plan, NOT Florida Blue.

As soon as I feel better I will be making a complaint to my local representatives as well as the BBB in hopes of making a change in requirements for the insurance company responsibilities because “That’s not our fault” is a cop out of an answer.

Florida Blue, stop sending your customers lists of physicians you say are covered and are really NOT. This is irresponsible…Do something to clean up your data base and maintain it if you are REALLY trying to provide for your customers.
Thank you,
Rhonda Rudkin