Complaint Against a Service USA

Florida Blue — denied mri but never sent me (patient) notice

According to my physician’s office (a prominent top specialist in Boston) a necessary MRI was denied by Florida Blue (state employee retiree). Florida Blue has not even provided me a letter of denial which they are supposed to do. When I called my doc’s office – they informed me that Florida Blue wants a Peer-to-Peer (I’m sure they are bottom of the pile customer reps). This lack of affording me the MRI is exacerbating my health issues including substantially decreased mobility as well as other issues. Does Florida Blue want the patient to become unable to walk before they will authorize NECESSARY PROCEDURES by top physicians/specialists who know a heck of a lot more than they do. Florida Blue causes direct harm to those they cover and regulatory agencies should investigate them thoroughly. Perhaps they should be sued when a patient’s health declines because they were denied necessary procedures. Patients should keep a record of every call with Florida Blue (date, name, remarks made), all letters received, all denials/approvals. And then send complaints to regulatory agencies as well as legislators. They sure take the premium payments without a problem but when it comes to providing absolutely necessary care they are significantly lacking.