Complaint Against a Service USA

Florida Blue — health ins. monthly $4. auto pay for my son, florida blue deducted $ 712 from my checking.

My name is, hoa v dam, my son philip and I have florida blue health ins. I put his $4. Month payment on my checking account auto pay. Bank contacted me I was bouncing checks in my checking, I said impossible. They showed me how florida blue deducted $ 712. From my checking account because they allege my son didnt send in his yearly income paperwork, and lost his exemption discounts for 2 months. This middle of the night embezzlement caused me to bounce checks and had to work out payment plan with one utility company. Why did i, nor my son get a letter of cancelation if not pay $356. Month. I do not speek 100 percent english, im vietnamese. I attempted many calls to resolve this situation of my money back to me. No luck. If this email doesnt work, I shall see legal help to get a court date. My ins membership information is : vmah19072893 happy holidays, someone with a heart please help me. Hoa [protected]