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Florida Blue — insurance coverage

I was pre-authorized for hip replacement surgery for 10/10.
In an effort to TRY to alleviate my extreme pain for 6 weeks until the surgery, my doctor suggested I try an injection of Kenelog on 9/3. I agreed to the injection. It did not alleviate my pain in anyway. I continue to be unable to sleep and unable to carry out my daily activities without extreme pain and assistance in walking. I find out 13 days before my surgery is scheduled that Blue Cross has denied my claim due to the fact that I must wait three months from the time of having received an injection. My doctor had a peer to peer conference with Blue Cross and they still denied the surgery already scheduled for October 10 and said I must push the surgery out an additional two months ! Blue Cross is going to have to pay for the surgery in December anyway, so I assume they want me addicted to painkillers and sleeping pills for the next two months and to have me suffer with a highly diminished quality-of-life.
They are not concerned with patient care whatsoever…they are an insurance company they are not doctors nor should they be allowed to play God. My highly trained orthopedic surgeon would know best for me and recommended the surgery be done as soon as possible which is why it was scheduled for October 10 .