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Florida Blue Medicare — Applying payments to appropriate accounts

I recently received a letter dtd 12/6/20, stating that Florida Blue was going to drop my supplemental insurance because I did not pay them. I previously sent a letter to Ms. Malko, an officer of the company, dtd 9/18/20 to get the problem (caused by Florida Blue) resolved. No specific action was taken. We have paid $514 each month for 2020. Prior to sending my letter, I got empty promises that the situation would be taken care of – nothing was done. We never had a problem till around the middle of the year. It was at this point that our payments were not allocated properly. Our situation is very simple to to resolve, just apply our monies from the check to the appropriate accounts. Nobody wants to do what should be done to rectify the matter. Purportedly, my wife, Joanna, account is okay and it is my account that is delinquent. What happened to all of the excess monies, if I am not getting funds applied to my account? I have to wait on my doctor appointments till I get this resolved. Again, it is a very simple problem to resolve.
Anthony Peri

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