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Florida Blue — poor customer service

My name is Olga Hobson and on10/28/2019 before 7:00p.m. I contacted your company to get more information on your Florida Blue Bas medical insurance plan . I was initially preparing to find out more information on your wellness program which I at one time was interested in. After five transfers to various departments my last transfer was by a man to a center that dealt with cars or something in relation to that. Upon this transfer a lady answered the phone, and I told her what I wanted. She said I had the wrong number. I explained that I was transferred to her department. I then asked her if she could possibly transferred back. Her reply was “I have nothing to do with that”. At that time she terminated the call with nothing further to say.

So overall I spent close to 40 minutes being transferred from one place to another before being hung up on. I called back explained the information that I needed regarding your wellness program which initiatally sounded interesting..Howeer at this point it has been proven to me that this is an each and every man for himself business. I only hope that you will begin to tape your calls with customer service representatives so that you can maintain what clientele you have left.