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Florida Blue — prescription run around

Use this company at your own risk!!! I have been trying to get a prescription authorized since April of 2019 when I had to change insurance due to a job change. My GP sent the request multiple times with back up as to why I need the medication. After a few months, I received a letter stating that the request had to come from a specialist. So I made an appointment with a cardiologist who sent in the information. The Doctor let me know that FLA BLUE WOULD FIGHT THIS BECAUSE THEY DON’T WANT TO PAY FOR THE MEDICATION!!! And boy is this true!!! I called Fla Blue back in 10/2019 and was told the prescription was approved and they transferred me to the specialty pharmacy to be filled. And that was a lie – it is now 11/2019 and Fla Blue is saying that the prescription WAS NOT authorized and they NEED MORE INFO FROM THE DOCTOR!! Prior to the change in insurance, I had been on this medication for months through United Healthcare and I don’t understand why Fla Blue is not authorizing it. Be advised that I am filing complaints with the Fla Dept of Financial Services, the Fla Insurance Commissioner and anyone else who can assist with getting me this medication.