Complaint Against a Service USA

Florida Blue — tlc dental submits fraudulent claim 3500 dollars when no such work was done

I received my statement Nov 27 out lining what was bill and who billed Florida blue
I noted a billing of 3500 dollars in dental work that was NEVER DONE TO ME i suspect it was TLC dental as they try to get the patient to pay money out of pocket for things and procedures that are covered by the dental plan the particular agency is located on Sheridan street in Dania beach Florida and have had a few arguments with the litte unprofessional office manager who exaggerates service Florida blue has been defrauded out of 3500 but some fake claim and they are doing nothing about it as I do not care but this deducts from my annual dental benefits and reduces what I can have done MY ADVISE TO EVERY ONE AND TO FLORIDA BLUE DO NOT USE TLC DENTAL SERVICES AT ALL THEY AREA MONEY HUNGRY LYING BUNCH OF THIEVES AND DO NOT CARE IF THE INJURE YOU AND WILL LIE TO YOU THEY HAVE DEFRAUDED FLORIDA BLUE OUT OF 3500