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Florida Child Support Enforcement — non payment of court order

Ex has court order to pay weekly child support, ex does not follow court order, state of Florida does not enforce consequences for non payment
write to president, governor, child support headquarters, judges, local child support offices
if a parent does not want to pay, they must be pushed to pay
child support enforcement also has to pushed to make them pay
it amazes me that some are being punished that do not owe child support where others are not being punished for nonpayment of what they owe.
if you do not owe ask for an audit of your case.
it does make a difference when you are owed monies and not getting paid to write to your governor and to the child support headquarters for florida in Washington d.c. i received a special case worker after doing this gained my child a $1, 000 bucks and few weekly child support payments for a few weeks then of course non payment started all over again which means collection process also began all over again. SO frustrating
I’m not sure if this will help you to write to headquarters for overpayment but is worth a try.