Complaint Against a Service United States

Fournos Bakery

1. On Sunday, 20 September 2020 I placed an order for cake at Fournos Woodmead for my daughter’s 21st birthday which was going to be on Saturday, 26 September 2020.

2. I ordered a 50 pax Red Velvet cake with cream cheese icing and paid R925-00; to be collect on Friday, 25 September at 4pm

3. On Friday, I collected the cake; I opened the box to check the cake, it looked nice but the cake icing didn’t look like it was a cream cheese icing but the lady handing me the said it was; so I thought to myself, inside the cake must have and taste the cream cheese.

4. On cutting the cake on Saturday, it was a Red velvet with ordinary butter/creamy cake icing. I was very disappointed, not to mention Miss Party. We specifically ordered a cream cheese iced cake because that is the only cake icing we love and can eat; and majority of our guests we know would only eat cake with a ceam cheese icing.

5. Half the cake was served at the party and wasted on plates, most guests did not eat it.

6. On Monday, 28 September 2020, I went to Fournos Woodmead with the half cake that had not been served and complained about the wrong order they gave me.

7. The Manager, Dimitri, took the cake and said he would take it back to their central bakery/head office to be checked; and would get back to me. I said I would wait until Wednesday for him to revert back to me.

8. Dimitri called me on Tuesday, and his feedback was that the head office says there is nothing wrong with the cake, they don’t make a 100% cream cheese icing….”Wow! shouldn’t I have been told that on the day I was placing the order, so I could decide if I am happy to place my order at Fournos for a cake with 1% cream cheese icing or walk out and take my order elsewhere, where I could get a 100% cream cheese iced cake that I would be happy with. Of course I asked him why wasn’t I told that when I placed the order; and his response was that I must call their head office. I refused to call the head office and said to him, he’s the one that must call his head office, I placed the order with his shop and not with head office.

9. Dimitri was unapologetic and neither did he show any sign of remorse that a customer walks back in the shop with half of the cake; even when he called me on Tuesday, he was unapologetic as he told me there will be no refund for the wrong order.

10. First of all, when I went to the shop, I didn’t ask Fournos for a refund. I wanted them to know that the cake was not made to order; and to correct that, it was up to them to refund or give me the correct cake (and what woud I do with a 50 pax cake after the party).

11. Instead, Fournos is not apologetic and the manager gives me ‘attitude.’ Had they told me that they don’t do a 100% cream cheese icing, I would have taken my money elsewhere to get the proper /100% cream cheese iced cake that I wanted.

12. So, Fournos have the R925-00 I paid and half the cake that I returned. Now I want my money back. Please can Fournos refund me!

Country South Africa
City Dunkeld, Johannesburg
Address Cnr Jan Smuts Ave & Bompas Rd, Suite 252, 2nd Floor, Dunkeld West Shopping Centre,
Phone 011 771 2500