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Frank Electronics

A long while back I took my 2019 Honda to Frank Electronics to have a 5 channel power amp, 4 door speakers and a 12 inch sub-woofer installed after I had made an appointment. All equipment was supplied by me so all I needed was installation. Frank’s told me the install would be about $430.00. On the day of my appointment I had to wait for 1 1/2 hours before the installer even started on my vehicle because he was late to work.

I gave the installer all the components which was good quality equipment. After about an hour the guy working the desk told me they couldn’t install my 5 channel amp because my vehicle was too new and they couldn’t locate the wire harness / connection on the back of the head unit. Then the guy says they can install a 2 channel amp that would power the sub-woofer but not the door speakers. Then he said the speakers I provided would not sound good because of the technical specs of the speakers and frequency range and a bunch of technical jargon. He recommended I buy 4 speakers from him that would sound much better. I agreed and bought their 2 channel amp and 4 door speakers from them because I wanted my installation done.

At this point I was already irritated because I wasn’t going to get the installation configuration that I wanted but I told them to proceed anyway.

5 hours later my installation was finished. The final install was a 2 channel sub-woofer amp and 4 door speakers which would not be amplified as they were only upgrades to the OEM speakers that came with the vehicle. Also, another $400.00 was added to my bill because I bought their products which increased my installation cost to $830.00. WOW!

Frank’s couldn’t figure out how to install the amp I supplied so they sold me a lesser option and 4 more door speakers. I left the shop with my 5 channel amp and 4 door speakers which I would have to return to the store I bought them from. When I got home I realized that Frank’s didn’t connect the sub-woofer volume control wire so I had to do that myself. No big deal but still.

About 3 days later IT HIT ME. How was Frank’s able to connect their sub-woofer amp to the head unit but they couldn’t connect MY 5 channel amp? There are only 2 reasons I can think of as to why this occurred.

(1) The installer didn’t know how to install a 5 channel amp with 4 door speakers and a sub-woofer so they had to figure out how to install something so as not to look like a clown show.


(2) They pulled Bait & Switch on me so they could make more money by selling me their equipment. The trick was they couldn’t sell me a 5 channel amp because that’s what I brought in, so they sold me a 2 channel amp for the sub-woofer and doubled their installation price and profit by what they did.

But wait there’s more – after about a month, the amp they sold me burned out my sub-woofer. I replaced the sub-woofer and about a month later the 2nd sub-woofer also burned out. The fuses on both the speakers were still intact but the speaker was dead. Now I was really pissed off but I wasn’t going back to Frank’s. I bought a 3rd sub-woofer with its own internal power amp, REMOVED the amp Frank’s sold me and I connected the sub-woofer using the wire that Frank’s installed on the head unit that they said they couldn’t do on my 5 channel amp.

Almost 2 years later the 3RD sub-woofer I connected to Franks’ wire is still working perfectly pumping out heart thumping bass.

Going to Frank Electronics was a hatchet job rip off that cost me $830.00 for a crappy installation job. The grand total after replacing 2 burned out sub-woofers and the power amp they sold me was $1280.00 for me to have an upgraded system in my vehicle.

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City West Palm Beach
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