Complaint Against a Service United States

Freedom Franchise Inc.

I joined Freedom Franchise to help me be more fiancially set and to help my credit. I signed up with there low credit program and paid the fee of $777. I joined in Sepember 2019. They put me on there credit card to help boost my credit and to get some funding. There funding is through going out to every credit card company and loan company and getting funding . I was able to get funded 25,000 through . Within a day, I transfer the funds of 23,500 (1500 was the fee of loan company) over to Freedom Franchise LLC.

They set me up with a FLorida LLC called Freedom Franchise 40 LLC and Freedom Franchise 20 LLC. Mr. TJ Todd McNally, the owner of the company envised me to get an apartment in San Diego and do some subleasing . He found the location and once I started signing all documents one document I was leary on signing was a document of NO SUBLEASING! Before signing, Mr McNally told me to not worry that we work around this. So I signed this and got the apartment. Within a week the pandemic hit . Mr McNally told me not to worry. 2 months go by and no string of income just my debt. I finally get out of the lease of apartment given the 60 day policy and Mr Nally states he wants to charge me 10k of the loan.

He put me in a predictament with my credit and Mr McNally then tells me we should go into default with the loan? And he starts not paying the monthly payments on the loan on my line of credit. My score goes from 680 to 620 for 2 months of non payment on the loan. Mr TJ McNally is a lier! I also found a article online where Mr McNally stole 23 million from investors in 2008!


Now Im in debt lost of alot of money over 30k because TJ MCNALLY and Freedom Franchise. Stay away stay stay away!

Country United States
State New York
City New York
Phone 615 839 0204