Complaint Against a Service United States

Friedman, Framme & Thrush, P.A.

I’m a member of LegalShield. I was signed up for the services of #LegalShield by a friend who has belonged to the service for decades. I signed up the day after a bad car crash which left me with serious injuries. I asked her for a referral and she told me about Legal Shield.

From DAY ONE when the company referred me to Friedman, Framme & Thrush I have had NOTHING but troubles. The guaranteed call back within four hours didn’t happen. They didn’t send me the attorney’s name and contact information they promised. They were rude and hateful and sounded annoyed when they did call back. They didn’t ask for copies of my accident report, information, a statement, or anything they could refer to when speaking with me. Christopher Adams, the attorney assigned my case merely grunted like a pig. He didn’t appear concerned, interested or prepared – which he wasn’t because he had not asked for information prior to speaking with me, and when I offered, the paralegal declined any information.

When I called Christopher Adams on January 11, 2021 and was finally able to get hold of him, he was curt, snotty, and sounded like I was some piece of dog sh*t he had to wipe off of his shoes, not a potential client. He was the epitome of NO CUSTOMER SERVICE, NO CARING, NO Give-a-d**n. What an as*wipe.

I had asked for another attorney because the first attorney I had from FF&T was pretty much the same. This law firm does NOT care about you, your case, your issues, or what happened to you. If you’re “The average consumer,” their attitude is, “F-You, we’re so big and important we don’t need you or your business.” So don’t give it to them.

If they don’t care about it (your case) at all on the first call, I guarantee you they won’t care about you on subsequent calls. If being treated like s**t on the first call is the best they can do, I guarantee you it will NEVER EVER get any better.

LEGALSHIELD is an American corporation that sells legal service products direct to the consumer through employer groups and multi-level marketing in the United States and the United Kingdom and Canada. I’ve heard both good and bad about the company, but my experience with FF&T, which is a law firm they refer their members to, is an absolute pit of narcissism, arrogance, and uselessness.

When I spoke with an intake person at FF&T I asked the woman if Christopher Adams was a decent attorney or a jerk. She hesitated, then avoided the question with the generic, avoidance answer of “All of our attorneys are good….” I should have known then.

While my friend had great experiences with the attorneys she worked with in Utah through LEGALSHIELD, I must say I think they have done a really poor job vetting attorneys in Virginia. DO NOT USE LEGALSHIELD or FRIEDMAN, FRAMME, and THRUSH unless you’re some sort of masochist. They are definitely lacking interest, professionalism, concern or caring. They’re as*holes.

Country United States
State Virginia
City Richmond
Address 6800 Paragon Pl #233
Phone 1 410-559-9000