Complaint Against a Service United States

Funnel Science, LLC

Alex Fender, the owner of Funnel Science, promotes himself as an SEM – PPC Expert. My small brand agency had a client request for paid search services. We naturally wanted to help them but did not have the experience in-house. We searched online and found Alex and his company – Funnel Science.

I met Alex in his small shop in Plano; there were about 5 people working there, but Alex did all the talking. He presented a presentation to me that highlighted another account that he claimed to work on. The results he showed looked impressive (high CTR, low cost, tons of leads… too good to be true??). He then shared a rigid training and certification schedule that he said EVERYONE working there had to complete in order to work on our business; sounds great! After that presentation, I entered an agreement with them and told my client that we are ready.

Let the CON begin!

Turned out, much of what Alex Fender claimed was not true. For example:

Alex loves to talk around his prospects and clients to basically leave you dizzy with information and feeling stupid if you question it. He will CONSTANTLY remind you that he is a veteran and this is a “veteran-owned business”, implying of course that if you question his methods or approach, then you must not love America or support our veterans! Seriously… he turns the table on you where you almost felt bad for questioning him or suggesting a different approach (copy, images, targeting, etc.). When analytics were not reflecting the actual results we were seeing, he would insist that the client is lying or hiding sales AND we were not reading the reports properly. It couldn’t possibly be him… he’s a veteran!

Country United States
State Texas
City Plano
Address 2800 REGAL RD SUITE 101
Phone (877) 301-0001