Cheaters Complaint Against A Cheater

Genovese Repair Group ( Joe Amico) Gregory Joseph Genovese 7850 FLAGER STREET LAS VEGAS NV 89139

Scam ( Con- Artist). Joe Amico who goes by Gregory Genovese, Joseph Genovese is a cyber criminal. He advertises a mail in computer repair service and when you send your computer to him he steals it and does not send it back. He is a dangerous criminal . He operates from LAS Vegas and the following is his address: 7850 FLAGER STREET LAS VEGAS CA 89139. After he gets possession of your computer he starts emailing you with threats, or stops responding to your messages. He advertises an EFI unlock service with the intend to steal your computer. Stay away from Joe AMICO, Gregory Genovese of Macsolutions. Here is what people say about him on BBB

On 10Feb19 I saw an ad on ******* for a service to remove locks from ***** devices. I messaged the seller and he gave me an address to send my computer to. I sent my *********** (2018 ***********************) into the business to get the 6 pin lock removed. Everything was going very well until the seller was removed and banned from ********* I then contacted Joseph ******** on ******** and on his **** account. Joseph blocked me on both so I sent him a text with a number I found on his ****. I did not recieve a response and I was unsure what to do at this point. I recently descoverd he had a legitimate business, so i decided to file a report rather than file a police report. Product_Or_Service: **** repair Account_Number: Joseph ********
Desired Outcome

Replacement I would like the seller to send the ******* back if possible. If that is not possible i would like to recieve the value of that item.

Does not return computers claims lost in the mail. I purchased mail in service to repair two ********. He acknowledged receiving. Said he fixed and provided a shipping tracking number for ****. It has been 3 weeks and **** tracking website shows that label was created but package has not been handed over to **** for shipping. He ignores phone calls, emails, text messages and now he has blocked my phone number. Do not do business with this person.
Desired Outcome

Return my property!

Seller took possession of a laptop in need of repair on Sep. 4, he has not returned it and won’t respond to emails or phone calls. On September 4, 2019 I purchased in EFI removal service from ****. Genovese repair group was the seller. I shipped my laptop to them, they received it and told me it would be shipped back within a few days. It is now October 23, although there is a tracking number, the post office has never taken possession of this item. I sent many messages via ****, and filed a complaint with **** along with a police report from both the University I work for, and local police department. The seller said they would return my laptop, or reimburse me/provide a replacement After 30 days. That deadline past almost 3 weeks ago and I am out a $700 computer, this is property of the University and intended for student use.
Desired Outcome

I’d like a reimbursement of fair market value, $700 or a replacement of equivalent or better specifications.


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