Cheaters Complaint Against A Cheater

Geovanni Cedeno aka Gianni Cedeno online bully

After attending a Festival I carried out in, Geovanni Cedeno aka Gianni Cedeno to walk me to the train. We had completely been neighbors for a short while thru social media. Geovanni Cedeno aka Gianni Cedeno acquired on the equal educate with me and we spoke till he acquired off at his obvious stop. He viewed very self concerned while trying to flatter me at the equal time. Geovanni Cedeno aka Gianni Cedeno even bragged how he appreciated the finer things in existence whilst preserving a (seemingly empty) buying bag that he had with him. After that day, Geovanni Cedeno aka Gianni Cedeno posted a selfie that he asked me to take with him.
Subsequently, I seen a caption with hearts and flirty emojis beneath the image. Geovanni Cedeno aka Gianni Cedeno then messaged me pronouncing that we regarded appropriate together. I respectfully cautioned Geovanni Cedeno aka Gianni Cedeno I used to be no longer interested and requested that he dispose of the caption. Since that alternate Geovanni Cedeno aka Gianni Cedeno went on to ship me severa emails, tweets, YouTube Comments, FB messages, IG messages, and texts.
These consisted of degrading remarks on my looks, attacks on my talents, finances, residing situation, etc. even threats towards my lifestyles and my shut ones all to set off responses. In the midst of these messages I additionally obtained (insincere) apologies from Geovanni A Cedeno aka Gianni Cedeno, located swiftly after with the aid of braggadocios remarks on his apparent lucky way of lifestyles and destine for fame. This went on every day for nicely over a year. I blocked Geovanni Cedeno aka Gianni Cedeno on genuinely everything. I would give up up receiving emails from exclusive debts with related messages that I must totally be counted on have been from Geovanni Cedeno aka Gianni Cedeno. He does no longer care how humans feel and it is clear that he can not control rejection.

No one have to do enterprise with Geovanni Cedeno aka Gianni Cedeno and no girl should ever have trust him as he may in no way be honest. He used to continue to be in the bronx, new york and can also now live in pawling big apple or probable in monroe ny. He is 24 years historic at the time or writing and used to be born in July of 1996. Who is conscious of what different female he does this to and i wager he did this to extra women as well.

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