Complaint Against a Service United States


This company airs ads on the AM radio stations whose demographic is majority Hispanic senior citizens who are easy prey. My grandfather ordered supplements from them (because of the constant advertising on the radio station mentioned), and they sent him the wrong product. He called, and they sent him the wrong product yet again. He called again, and this time they told him they would “..send a man to his house, who he should give $20 to, and he would get the correct product”. He tried calling them numerous times and they said they would have the “customer service” department call him back. They never have. Once I became abreast of the situation, I called the number he gave me to which I got an odd busy signal for. It was the type of busy signal that tells you the number is bad (it’s distinct. Besides, who ever gets a busy signal these days?).

Either way, the next day I got a call which appeared on my caller ID as “spam risk”, so I did not respond. But they called immediately right after, and the callar ID once again displayed “spam risk”, but I assumed it was a mistake so I answered. It turned out to be the company calling me back. (How did they know I had called if when I called all I got was a busy signal?). The woman assured me they were legit and would have someone from the customer service Dept call me back. I’m still waiting. Their website (

Country United States
State Florida
City Miami
Phone 1 800 443 0072