Complaint Against a Service United States

Global Restoration Services

We hired Daniel Wilnau on Wed May 27, 2020 to extract water in a crawl space, bag the contents, & sanitize the area. He wanted 2900.00 with 2k down. This lowlife to win us over claimed he was a fellow Army Veteran but his story later about Ft. Bragg the next day made no sense. There is no basic training there & he changed the subject. This was on Thursday May 28, when he came to the Lincolnwood home for 20 minutes. He soon claimed he had a priority job, but don’t worry, he would be back the next day. We never saw him again. He even had the lying nerve to claim he was on his way for Friday May 29. When I called him up from a different number he did not recognize, Conman Dan hung up the phone.

U read his negative reviews on YELP, GOOGLE, Home Advisor, BBB, u will see 20% are the same, taking deposits for no work. He steals anywhere from 1k to 4k. Small enough not to gain unwanted police attention, then lie & claims he did work. We filed one with the Lincolnwood Police Department. Too small to investigate, take it to Small Claims Court! He claims to be an IL Corp on BBB but is not registered with the IL Secretary of State. Does not carry up to date or any type of insurance according to another BBB complaint.

He also has been removed from Angie’s List. Volatile personality, & anger management problems directed at women in various reviews.

We hired him from Home Advisor. He tries to bury his negative reviews with glowing 5 Star Reviews, & hopes u don’t notice his ripoffs in earlier reports. Why? I don’t know but he seems to get a thrill at ripping off people & getting away with it. I would not be surprised if there is some psychological problem! Has been doing this for years!

In any case, he & his family that covers up for him are habitual liars. He can call me a liar & a former employee all he wants. Read his reviews.

He has several addresses to hide from creditors. Why? Try to sue him. This one was from Home Advisor. If they want to let Conman Dan ripoff people, they have been warned!

Country United States
State Texas
City San Antonio
Address 10903 Wye Dr
Phone 1 210-347-8431