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GreatCall / Jitterbug — I am being billed months after I closed account. They refuse to provide me with previous statements.

I cancelled my account with them March 3rd 2020. I was advised by phone that everything was paid current and there was no other charges. End of April 2020 I started receiving bills asking for balance owed. I called again in May and they said I still owed for April. I asked for copies of previous statements so I could match it to what my bank auto pays. I was told it would take 2 weeks for that department to email me this.
Every month I receive a bill for the same amount and never received anything in my email. September 2020 I received a letter stating if I do not respond in 30 days they will assume the debt is valid. I contacted the number and spoke with a representative named Maria. I told her I am disputing the bill. I requested the statement s again and was told two weeks again to email. It is now October and I am still receiving bill and no email was ever received.

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