Complaint Against a Service United States

Gulf Resources Insurance


I found your profile very interesting and I am willing to help you fund your project with a soft loan as I am privately

seeking means of expanding Arab Investment Company internationally.

I would like if my offer is okay by you,please provide me with a comprehensive business plan for my investment team review.

Allah Blessing to you.


Raed Bukhamseen

Arab Investment Company

CEO and President

Corporate Management

Note: Arab Investment Company are not involved. They have confirmed this as fraud.

Email #2:


Thank you for the email and the content is well noted. You will have to discuss all with Dr. Farid Lian


Please forward your email and attached document to him for further review and to discuss all in details.


Raed Bukhamseen

Note: Email adress used is fraud! Mail goes to a third party.

correct email address is without an “s” =

Again confirmed by Arab Investment Company.

Email #3:


My team has also gone through it and I wish to inform you that we are willing to fund the project.

We would fund your project as a debt financing at 4% ROI for a duration of 6-7 years provided that you would have a good security to act as the collateral for the funding.

Once it is accepted by you we would commence funding modalities and initiate a date for a face to face meeting for closure.

Allah Bless

Email #4:

Thanks for your mail we can do a debt of 5Million to 100Million USD, provided that you are ready to procure a performance bond from a reputable insurer to act as the security for the funding.

Email #5:

In terms of the insurance bond it has to be procured from the United Arab Emirates insurance,you would need to provide the following details below






Once this is reviewed the insurance would come back to you and issue you the bond application form , the standard practice is that the insurance application and underwriting fee is at $56,000 and the premium is at 3% so this is the estimated cost of

procuring the insurance bond.

This would be once the review your papers and confirm you eligible.

Email #6


Attached is the bond document fill and revert back to us immediately. They hereby provide the (three page) Performance Bond form to sign, from the fraudulent Gulf Resources Insurance UAE. You must first send $56.100 as a binding deposit, which you will never see again.

The funds are then to come from the Arab Investment Company, who know nothing of these activities and emails and who state that the email address used is fraudulent.

Email 3 thru 6 are all (alledgedly) from Dr. Farid Lian. When I contacted Dr. Lian at his company (Arab Invesmnet Company) by phone, he confirmed that these were fraudulent emails and that it had nothing to do with his company or himself.

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