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GWC Warranty

This was my experience with Guardian Warranty Company. I have been in the car business since 1998 and have dealt with a lot of warranty companies. I have dealt with some really professional customer service oriented warranty companies and I have dealt with some nightmare warranty companies. Guardian Warranty Company is by far the worst I’ve dealt with in my automotive career. I have a friend that bought a car and purchased an extended service contract through Guardian. She bought the exclusionary coverage which is suppose to cover everything, except for the wear and tear items on the vehicle.

One day her vehicle developed a noise in the engine, I suggested she take it to a reputable Mercedes specialist. The shop diagnosed the noise and determined the noise was coming from the piston and connecting rod. The diagnosis was backed up by several bulletins from Mercedes. Guardian requested proof of maintenance performed on the car which was provided. Guardian also requested that the customer approve a sixteen hour diagnostic tear down to pinpoint the failed component. Out of the sixteen hour job, Guardian would pay one hour of labor if the problem was a covered repair. The customer would be responsible for a $1740 diagnostic fee to pay which is completely unnecessary with the exclusionary coverage considering any component that could cause the problem is a covered repair.

I called the claims adjuster and was told that they had to have the exact failed component to cover the claim and the diagnostic charges would be the customers responsibility. I don’t understand why you would force the customer to pay $1740 in diagnostic charges when everything inside the motor is covered. I asked to speak to a supervisor, I was on hold for 15 minutes and spoke to him for less than two when the call was “disconnected”. I called back and was connected to a claims adjuster again. They asked for the claim number and I provided it and then asked to speak to a supervisor. I explained that I was speaking to him and the call was disconnected. I was told no, I couldn’t speak to a supervisor and this is just how the claims process works.

I demanded to speak with the supervisor again and I was transferred to another representative claiming to be a supervisor, but not the claims manager that I was “disconnected” in a previous call. I am confident that the representative hung up on me and put a note in the system that he didn’t want to talk to me. I don’t blame him, it’s hard to argue his side with someone that is knowledgeable of vehicles and how warranty companies operate. In my opinion, this was an opportunity to get out of paying the claim. Seeing how Guardian was handling this claim, all confidence was lost in the company and I was convinced my friend was in a losing position dealing with Guardian.

I decided that I would just turn in a claim to repair the oil leak from the turbo charger and begin the search for another car. My suspicion was confirmed, Out of the nearly $400 claim, they would only cover $53 dollars. Please keep in mind that I told them repeatedly what I do for a living and I know what parts and repairs are covered with exclusionary coverage. If they would treat me this way, imagine how they would treat other trusting consumers. I caution Automobile dealers who do business with Guarduan, it can be detrimental to your business and reputation by selling a warranty to a consumer from an unethical company. If you are a consumer looking for a warranty for your car, please be careful dealing with Guardian Warranty Company.

We work hard to establish a good reputation as car dealers and representing a company like this can quickly tarnish your image. To any potential customers considering buying an extended service contract, if you are offered Guardian, Caveat Emptor (Buyer Beware). Most dealers will have multiple options for you to choose a warranty. I understand now why so many customers refuse to buy warranties because of previous bad experiences. I am now able to relate to their story and explain that not all warranty companies operate like Guardian Warranty Company.

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